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Your Camp Needs a Portable Toilet to Feel Like At Home

Camping can be both exciting and dreadful. Exciting because it opens the door to new and wonderful experiences. But dreadful because there would surely come a time when you need to use a restroom, and with most camping sites in public places the restrooms are often horribly constructed and hardly ever clean. Or worse yet, some places don’t even have restrooms around at all! Obviously, the best way you can avoid such a dreadful experience is to rent a portable camping toilet. Surely most people would prefer camping with clean and well ventilated sanitary equipment and our company’s main goal is to provide you with all the stuff you may need for this.

Choosing the Right Portable Camping Toilet

Portable camping toilets differ in their functionalities. The key to knowing which portable camping toilet you may need is to consider how often you’re going to use the toilet and what kind of supplies you have in your camp – water, sewerage, cesspool or nothing of those said above. Our experts can be of use for you so give us a call 888-263-8822 and we will help. A portable flush toilet, for instance, which is the most state-of-the-art among all camping toilets, can be used not only outdoors, but also indoors. It comes with a freshwater holding tank and a waste holding tank, which can be detached for draining and total cleanup. Also it is available as the portable flush toilet which looks very much like the standard home toilet.

However, this camp toilet has got several disadvantages, including the following:

  • - Make sure you rent enough portable toilets to meet all of your guests’ needs.
  • - They are often bigger than other portable camping toilets, making them hard to place in small space.
  • - These toilets need regular cleaning, not like the folding camping toilets or the bucket camping toilets.
  • - They are not collapsible so you can’t keep them under the bed.

Portable Camping Toilet For Rent – Cheap Solution

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If you want a more reasonably priced and hassle-free option, you can opt for the bucket toilet. We have a great variety of these toilets that differ in color and size. The most inexpensive portable camping toilet is the bucket type that’s always available. Don’t be scared about the word “cheap” as it only refers to its service price and to the fact of being a really inexpensive camping toilet solution. This toilet comes in a very simple design, a toilet seat close to a standard toilet and a bucket (which looks like a standard 5 gallon bucket) under the seat. It is easy to clean and it is one of the most budget friendly ones. As a rule it’s well ventilated and is used in most of camps.

The Perfect Portable Camping Toilet

Irrespective of the outdoor adventure or trip you’re planning to take, there will surely be a perfect portable camping toilet to match your budget and your needs. Our company has all types of them and we would be happy to provide you with our toilets for rent.

Give us a call 888-263-8822 and your camp will get the best sanitary solutions possible!

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